EasyGallery is a smart and simple way to present photos on your own website without a complex installation or administration. Just upload and everything is there.

If your images contain geolocations, they are displayed as a route on google maps.

EasyGallery is a single-page app using the fancybox jquery plugin, the Slim PHP framework, AngularJS and Google Maps.



  1. Extract and copy to your Webserver
  2. Make the PICTURES/ folder writeable (chmod 775)
  3. Copy your images to the PICTURES/ folder


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What do I need to run EasyGallery?

You need a Webserver with at least PHP 4 installed. Furthermore the GD library is required for thumbnail creation. You can check your PHP version by calling <?php phpinfo(); ?>.
GD library is not installed on my server.

Unfortunately you will have to generate your thumbnails manually before using the gallery. Add a thumbnails/ directory to each of your album folders and for each PICTUREXX.jpg create a thumbnail tn_PICTUREXX.jpg with 140x140px size. Many image processing programs provide the possibility to automate this process, like for example Irfanview.
If your images contain EXIF geolocation data, you furthermore need 56x56px thumbnails named gm_PICTUREXX.jpg.
How can i change the size of the gallery?

Take the surrounding div and give it a max-width: <div ng-app="easygallery" style="max-width:1280px;">
I don't want to use fancybox, can i use another lightbox implementation?

Feel free to customize the code. Replace fancybox in index.html, js/easygallery.js and html/gallery.html.